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Triplisher Founder introduced business concept in AppWorks Accelerator Demo Day


Triplisher is created to help travelers and bring people together to enjoy an adventure, and not to travel alone anymore.

Triplisher founder Sean has backpacker over 65 times and is considered an experienced traveller. He shares his story on when he met two European travelers and decided to share his accommodation with them in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During that time not only did he save 50% of the travel expenses, but also made new friends. From sharing drinks together every night to exchanging travel stories.

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2018 Triplisher Travel Project :


Triplisher is looking for Influencer

Join our coolest travel project !!!

Up 30 participants can travel for free wherever and whenever you want before the end of 2018!

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Safety tips for finding your travel buddy


Recently, we often see posts about travelers deciding to cancel their trip suddenly or have been defrauded of travel expenses on the travel website or online forums.

For example, the host has already booked and paid all the tickets, hotels etc.., but participant just disappear.., at the end, the host could not find other people to join the trip immediately , and need to pay extra cost to cover the loss by him/herself.

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Enjoy your Hands Free-Travel around Kyoto!


Make the sightseeing experience in Kyoto easier and more exciting. How about strolling around Kyoto empty-handed?

“Hands-Free Travel” means travel without the encumbrance of large luggages. Visitors can use high-quality delivery / storage services to enjoy “Hands-Free Travel” around Kyoto.

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Been waiting for long? Triplisher has gone Global!


Sorry for long wait Travelers!

Many friends have asked us before, “When will will start to provide other destination information? Or Japan is popular, but other countries are also fun too!”

So we have quickly noticed everyone that has collected 4.5 million attractions around the whole world, including restaurants, accommodations and transportation, so that travelers can plan their itinerary in a more diverse way!

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Secure online payment system provided by


Traveling together is the experience to find someone to travel with, someone to chat and share experience, check the map when lost, but most importantly share the cost! But how to keep your transactions secure?

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Kyoto proposes per-night tax on stays at hotels, lodging services


Kyoto is one of the most popular destinations in Japan, with 55 million people visiting the city last year.

But because of its popularity, the city has struggled with insufficient lodgings, crowded public transportation and traffic jams.

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Welcome to Triplisher Blog

螢幕快照 2016-10-19 下午3.53.44 makes your journey lively and colorful. You can host a trip to find travel companions to join your trip through our platform.

We’ll share some of our new features, events, and interesting topic of travel.

We hope that everyone who loves traveling can find a good partner at and share and experience a wonderful journey together!


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