Month: September 2017

3 Steps to get Tripmates to travel together


Are you an unorganized traveller but hate to join tour groups?
Are you travel limited budget and would like to meet new people?

3 steps to get Tripmate to travel together!

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Find your travel buddy and go on an adventure!


Everyone need Soulmate, every traveler needs “Tripmate”! will aim to heighten your experiences as you plan your itinerary and change the you plan.

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Dating in Tokyo! 3 simple free romantic ideas near Tokyo Station


A romantic dinner on a date is an awesome idea but doing something that is memorable before will add towards the romantic atmosphere.

Enjoy each other’s company with a little walk before dinner serves as an icebreaker for the dinner conversation.

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Kyoto proposes per-night tax on stays at hotels, lodging services


Kyoto is one of the most popular destinations in Japan, with 55 million people visiting the city last year.

But because of its popularity, the city has struggled with insufficient lodgings, crowded public transportation and traffic jams.

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