【Getting Started】

1. How do I create a Triplisher account?

The new user will need to go to and click Sign Up.

With your Facebook/Google+ account
You can log in your account directly by selecting the Facebook/Google button.

With Email
Use your email address and create a password for yourself. We will then send a verification

Please check your inbox and enter the code to complete the verification.

You can also register as a member on our App. We will send a verification email, please enter the code to complete the verification.

Then you can download itineraries to “My trip on ”App, check “My tripmate” included the trip you host or booked as well.


2. How much does it cost to be a member in

Creating a account is free. is a free travel sharing platform, it allows travelers can check the information of attractions, plan their itinerary, share stories and photos, find their travel buddies as called as “Tripmate”.


3. Why do I have to set up my short URL on

To customize your short URL on, it represents your own personal website page as well. Each user can set their short URL, and it helps people know where to find you.

If other travelers want to contact you, you can provide your short URL, without disclosing your own e-mail or other contact information and it also protects your privacy.
1. Login in to
2. In the top right, move your mouse on your persoal icon
3. Click Edit my info
4. On the left hand side panel, click Set Triplisher Domain
5. Enter “your own domain name
6. Click save

*Please note that Triplisher domain can only be changed once!


4. What should I do if I can’t find the attraction that I want to on

If you can’t find the attractions where you want to go on the map mode, you can provide its location to our online form and will add the attraction into our map mode as soon as possible.

In the future, the traveler will be able to add their attractions by entering the address or location and share with others.


5. How to plan your itinerary and story with your tripmate?

1. Login in to
2. In the top right, move your mouse on your personal icon
3. Click My Trips or My Stories
4. Select one of your trip or story
5. In the Edit Trip or Edit Story section, scroll down to the Add co-contributor or Add co-publisher and click it
6. Enter other tripmate’s short URL
7. Click 「+

6. Is it safe to host or join a trip on

Registered member needs to be verified via Facebook or Email and to host a trip needs to pass other security verification process.

After the trip, host and the traveler can evaluate each other by Rating and write down their review, we hope that host and traveler will respect every trip and create wonderful travel experience.


7. How much does it cost to join a trip?

The host will pay for the trip first (such as accommodation, rental car etc.), traveler joins by making payment via online payment system, and currently offer VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Third-party payment systems or banks will charge you a transaction fee, but does not charge any fee.


8. Can i use APP while offline?

You can download your online itinerary to you APP, even if your phone is not connected to the Internet during the trip, you can still check the itinerary without missing any planned attractions. Soon will be able to edit trip itinerary on APP.


【I Am Host】

1. Can I begin to host a trip once I sign up as member?

Before hosting a trip, host need to complete the phone verification and fill in the basic information, and upload personal photos. Ensure you will not lose connection with Triplisher or your tripmates during the trip. Your mobile number will keep private on Triplisher.


2. What to do when host and traveler meet? provide 2 confirmation process to confirm the attendance when meeting for the first time:

2a. Press I am Here

Host and traveler both need to have the APP downloaded on their phone and press I am Here button when their first meet, it helps to confirm that you have arrived at the meeting point in time.

2b. Scan QR Code and press I attended

The host needs to scan traveler’s unique QR Code (either on the APP or print out), and traveler needs to presses I attended in the Booking Trip section.


3. What happens when the identity of the traveler does not match on the

The host has the right to refuse the traveler and contact ( as soon as possible.

The host can list his or her preferences (i.e. Language, smoking/non-smoking) on the travel policy.


4. What happens if the traveler is late and can’t be contactable?

If the Traveller is more than 20 minutes late at the meeting point and contact is still not available by any means, will still transfer the payment to the host.

For hosts, please note that if you have booked any of the transportation or other activity around the meeting time, make sure you set the meeting time earlier than the departure time to avoid dispute.


5. As a host, Can I change the itinerary before the trip?

Yes, you can. If the payment is not complete on the trip, the host is allowed to change the content but not departure date.

If the host wants to change the departure date, the host needs to cancel the trip first and then re-host another trip.

Please note that, when host cancels the trip on, it will also lose the information of traveler who applied the trip. Therefore, make sure you communicate with the traveler before canceling the trip.


6. If I booked my hotel or buy my ticket via, do I contact for the further request? is a travel sharing platform, we don’t have any service such as hotel booking or ticket selling. If you have any request please contact the customer service of booking website directly.


7. How and when can I get my payout?

Please make sure you have filled out all the detail information of your bank account correctly on will releases your payout within 7 days after host and traveler both complete the confirmation process. The duration for the funds to be transferred to your account will depend on your local bank transfer policy.

For the host who is in Taiwan, Singapore and Japan will be received the payout by the local bank and the payment will only cost the minimum of bank transfer fee.

In addition, is not responsible for any fees deducted during the international wire by your bank, or intermediary bank.

For other countries, each bank will charge a fee to receive a foreign currency. can’t inform you on how much you’ll be charged to receive an international wire. If the payment is less than 50 US dollars, the transfer process may fail.


8. Can I decline the traveler’s request when they apply my trip?

If the host thinks the traveler who applied for your trip doesn’t match the policy stated, you have the right to decline the traveler’s request. recommends that as a host should always review the traveler’s home page and references before accepting the request.

But if you keep canceling or not complete the trip after accepting the request from the traveler, you may receive negative reviews on your homepage at


9. Can I charge extra gratitude when hosting a trip?

To protect the traveler, please note all costs during the trip in the price section including any gratitude. It will be up to the traveler’s discretion if any extra gratitude is paid.

Travel disputed might occur when host charges extra cost during the trip, the traveler has the right to pay or not, and it might cause the trip to be uncompleted.

If it is necessary to for the extra charges during the trip, be sure to indicate clearly on the policy section before the trip.


10. Is there a limit on the party size?

There is no limit on party size but is recommended by that the party size is something the host can handle.


11. Can I still host my trip even when the number of applicants does not reach the original number? What should I do due to the increased price of the situation?

If something happens and the host may decide whether the trip is on scheduled or not. Please make sure you cancel the trip as soon as possible when the decision has been made, and most importantly remember to communicate with all the travelers who have applied with your trip. recommends that all payments and communication be done through our platform directly, it helps to make dispute handling easier.


12. Does offer any rewards when traveler left lot of good reference on my hosting trip?

As a host, if you have lots of positive reviews, it will make other travelers wanting to join your party more.

On, reliable hosts with positive reviews will be promoted to travelers on the top of the page first. Besides, We will plan the reward program i.e. release part of payout in advance.


【I Am Traveler】

1. How do I contact a Host before apply pr booked?


Host and traveler could communicate via our website.
Traveler can leave the message on Q&A section or discuss more detail on Triplisher message system after applying it.

Afterward, you can view the conversation, all messages will appear in “My Tripmate”.


2. When will I be charged when applying the trip?

You will receive an email notification after the host accept your request, please complete your payment within 24 hours. currently supports the payment from VISA, MasterCard and AMEX credit cards in most countries.


3. Can I pay by cash?

For the rights and interests of both parties, online payment system can only be paid by credit card or debit card. After traveler has complete the payment, will only transfer the payment to host after the confirmation process of the trip has been done.

If you didn’t pay or communicate via, it is difficult for us to protect your information and it will increase the risk of fraud or other security issues. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you communicate via’s Q&A of Tripmate function.


4. Is insurance covered when I apply my trip on is a travel sharing platform, we will not provide any insurance options on our platform. The traveler can ask the host if travel insurance is included or not. recommends that both of the host and traveler consider to purchasing their own travel insurance for the trip. If you are injured in an accident or an emergency occurs, travel insurance can make your trip easier.

Some insurance option may also include loss of luggage and flight delay and/or cancellation etc., please consult your local insurance company for more information.


5. How secure is the payment system on

When you pay via’s payment system, it is done through a worldwide third-party payment system thus does not store customer’s credit card details online.


6. Can I use other people’s credit card when I apply for my trip?

To avoid disputes and privacy concerns, recommends traveler using their own cards.


7. Do I have to show my host any ID when we first meet?

It’s not necessary to show your ID when you meet with your host, but make sure you show your unique QR Code from you APP (or print out), it helps to avoid concerns.

However, if the host has mentioned it in the policy to view the relevant documents, and you have agreed then you need to show your host the relevant documents.


8. What happens if the host decides to cancel the trip midway?

If the trip can’t be complete due to the local weather, the attraction’s open time, local events and political conflict which may result in an unsafe situation or other special reasons, host and traveler can change their itinerary by communication.

When host and traveler both agreed to cancel the trip and decide how much will be refunded, the host needs to email ( and explain the situation.


9. What should I do if I feel unsafe during the trip?

If you feel unsafe, or in emergency situation while traveling, please contact the local police or emergency services immediately. When you’re in a safe location, contact ( to report the incident and we will try our best to help you.


10. Can I get the full refund if my host didn’t show up at the meeting point and can not get in touch?

Waiting time limit should be 20 minutes, if the host still has not arrived at the agreed meeting point and time, please make sure you press I am here button in the APP. And report your situation to (, we will start to refund the payment to you.

Be aware that some of the bank transactions and financial Institutions may also deduct fees from the payout, and it can’t be refunded. If necessary, will ask you to provide supporting claim to make the refund process more easily.

For traveler refund request, please refer to our Refund Policy carefully.


11. If I found out that the trip which I applied is more expensive than others, am I allowed to appeal and request a refund?

Many of the trips will differ to one another even if it is for the same destination. recommends that you compare different itineraries and prices before booking your trip.

Please be aware that all bookings are final, no refund on change of mind.


If you have any questions regarding any issues on, please feel free let us know >> Submit Your Feedback


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