Month: November 2017

Been waiting for long? Triplisher has gone Global!


Sorry for long wait Travelers!

Many friends have asked us before, “When will will start to provide other destination information? Or Japan is popular, but other countries are also fun too!”

So we have quickly noticed everyone that has collected 4.5 million attractions around the whole world, including restaurants, accommodations and transportation, so that travelers can plan their itinerary in a more diverse way!

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Secure online payment system provided by


Traveling together is the experience to find someone to travel with, someone to chat and share experience, check the map when lost, but most importantly share the cost! But how to keep your transactions secure?

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Triplisher host verification is now online! We can help you find your tripmate!

find your tripmate

Does traveling oversea cost a lot? Always looking for a cheaper option? Finally, got the day off for the holiday but no one to travel with?

Feel uneasy about hosting a trip and traveling with strangers?

Triplisher are here to solve all your worries!

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10 Packing Mistakes Everybody Makes and How to Avoid Them


While you won’t be seeing anything about it at the Met or the Louvre anytime soon, packing a suitcase is a true art form. Mastering any skill requires practice and a lot of trial and error—not to mention plenty of mistakes.

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The 10 Best Types Of People To Travel With


Are you one of the best types of people to travel with?

Traveling can be one of the greatest experiences of your life, teaching you independence and knowledge of other cultures. A huge part of traveling is the company you keep – who you travel with can make or break the trip.

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