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Safety tips for finding your travel buddy


Recently, we often see posts about travelers deciding to cancel their trip suddenly or have been defrauded of travel expenses on the travel website or online forums.

For example, the host has already booked and paid all the tickets, hotels etc.., but participant just disappear.., at the end, the host could not find other people to join the trip immediately , and need to pay extra cost to cover the loss by him/herself.

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Triplisher’s Guide on How to Find a Perfect Travel Buddy


Looking for a travel buddy to travel together not only saves money on travel expenses, but also while traveling to exotic countries where people are not familiar with the local culture, there are other travelers who can talk and chat, share food together, and it’s safer for everyone to travel together!

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How to meet up with your tripmate via Triplisher App


Are you excited about meeting your travel partner and starting a trip?

We reminder you from To have a good start for your trip, some preparations are needed!

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Join a Tripmate Part 2: How to send the message to host

use computer

After applying the trip, would you like to discuss more detail with the host before traveling?
Host and traveler should communicate via our message system directly without providing personal contact detail, also ensures that you are protected by our cancellation and refund policy, and more.

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Join a Tripmate Part 1: No need to pay immediately when you apply the trip


There are many travelers are hosting their trip on, have you decide which one to join with?

When you see the “Option of trip” section, do you feel confused about what to choose, or worry about the payment after apply?Today, we are here solve your doubts!

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Triplisher host verification is now online! We can help you find your tripmate!

find your tripmate

Does traveling oversea cost a lot? Always looking for a cheaper option? Finally, got the day off for the holiday but no one to travel with?

Feel uneasy about hosting a trip and traveling with strangers?

Triplisher are here to solve all your worries!

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The 10 Best Types Of People To Travel With


Are you one of the best types of people to travel with?

Traveling can be one of the greatest experiences of your life, teaching you independence and knowledge of other cultures. A huge part of traveling is the company you keep – who you travel with can make or break the trip.

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