Triplisher is created to help travelers and bring people together to enjoy an adventure, and not to travel alone anymore.

Triplisher founder Sean has backpacker over 65 times and is considered an experienced traveller. He shares his story on when he met two European travelers and decided to share his accommodation with them in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During that time not only did he save 50% of the travel expenses, but also made new friends. From sharing drinks together every night to exchanging travel stories.

This unforgettable experience inspired Sean that the idea of traveling together and mutual assistance, to develop an online travel platform which benefits the travelers.

In March of this year, we joined Asia’s largest accelerator “AppWorks Accelerator” and were selected as the 16th team. On the 6th of June, AppWorks Accelerator Demo Day was held at the Taipei Marriott Hotel where senior executives, investors, experts, scholars, and media was invited to attend the event.


Many local and foreign people who are interested in Triplisher also came to our booth and talked with Triplisher founder Sean.

Sean introduced Triplisher as a travel sharing platform during the Demo day presentation. Nowadays, there are two ways for the traveler to find a travel buddy, the first way is to post messages on the online community, or in the hostel and hotel bulletin boards. However, these methods have common problems.

(1) There is no standardization of information,

(2) There are verbal commitments, what happen if participant just disappear.

(3) At the same time, the host might be lost money and leave with the worst travel memory.

Triplisher wants to solve these problems by standardization of information so that travelers can easily find the group you want to participate in. The host and participants will get protection for their money by collect and pay on the secure payment system, Triplisher also is the first application which can track the beginning and end of the travel records.

Triplisher has accumulated up to 369 tripmate group online since February of this year. 72 group tours have been confirmed and it save about 32% more than travelling alone.


Never travel alone with Triplisher!

Host you trip on makes trips enjoyable with cost-efficient and flexibility in mind which can be enjoyed by all.

Start your adventure on now


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