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Does traveling oversea cost a lot? Always looking for a cheaper option? Finally, got the day off for the holiday but no one to travel with?

Feel uneasy about hosting a trip and traveling with strangers?

Triplisher are here to solve all your worries!

Our mission is to help everyone to find their travel buddies and share travel cost during their wonderful journey! provide authentication for all the travellers :

1. Email verification

Host and traveller who want to join a trip, will need to register to become a Triplisher member. After login through Facebook or Email, we will send you an email verification code to ensure that you a real person.


2. Phone verification

Before hosting a trip, host need to complete the phone verification and fill in the basic information, and upload personal photos. This verification will allow travellers who want to sign up feel safer, also helps host to find their tripmate faster.



We work hard to create a safe travel sharing platform, and we hope that everyone can travel with awesome travel buddies and create a lot of amazing memories!


※ For more information please visit FAQ


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